i am looking for people to interview!

awe/agency began as my thesis art project and has grown and morphed each time it is exhibited.  it will next be part of the teconstructing craft: feminism and contemporary ceramics exhibition at pacific northwest college of art in portland, or in march 2017.  the root of the project are the stories that inspired it.

people who have had abortions are, at worst, cast as villains, at best, as victims, and rarely as heroes of their own story.  access to abortion is a right not a privilege and people should not be punished for their reproductive healthcare choices.

awe/agency was inspired by a good friend’s abortion story.  she was young and lived in a small, rural town with her working class family.  she was beyond the limit of legal abortion in the state she resided in.  yet she was supported entirely by her family, was able to raise the funds to travel for the procedure and received kind and respectful care.  the decision was complex for her and she looks back on it as a positive experience.  she, and an audacious few, offer us a model for how making authentic healthcare decisions could be  every story is different, important and nuanced.  in awe/agency i am attempting to collect several stories that offer an alternative to the dominant narrative around abortion in the united states   if you look back on your abortion experience as positive, however you interpret this word, consider sharing your story.  stories are audio recorded and presented anonymously in audio and written form in the art installation.

if you or someone you know would like to get involved and tell your story, please contact me here to set up an audio interview.

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